Corrugated Cardboard Production


Overview of Corrugated Cardboard Production Process

Overview of  Corrugated Cardboard Production Process A corrugator is a set of machines designed to bring together three, five or seven sheets of paper to form single, double or triple wall board in a continuous process. Corrugating the flutes and gluing to a single linerGluing the outside liner to make a rigid boardCutting the board to the desired size Three sheets of paper (containerboard) are unrolled simultaneously on the corrugator: the inner liner, the outer liner and in the middle, the medium (also called fluting).The medium sheet is given a "wave". This corrugation is obtained by pressing the sheet under heat through grooved metal rolls. This operation gives the paper its fluted shape in the single facer.Starch is applied to the tips of the flutes on one side, the outer liner and the inner liner are glued to the tips of the corrugated medium sheet of paper from the outer and the inner side respectively.The Corrugated board comes out of the corrugator as a flat board sheet.

Overview of Corrugated Cardboard Production

What is corrugated cardboard making machine?    A set of machines in a row, which is designed to adhere three (a standard board), five or seven sheets of paper that shape single, double or triple walled corrugated boards. The corrugator is a continuous system which produces in bulk. The system works in the following ways. Firstly  reels of paper will be fed into the corrugator,where at this point the paper is conditioned with heat and steam prior to being fed into the single facer. The single facer is a section of the corrugator which, transforms the paper into the flute by creating a series of arches. These arches are created by large rotating cylinders with a corrugated profile which creates the grooves in corrugated paper.There are different profiles for each of the flute types previously listed. Next still included as part of the previous stage, starch is applied to the tips of the flutes on one side, where an inner liner is then affixed to the fluting – this is called a single web. The second part of production is a part of the machine called the double backer. In essence, the double backer glues the single web to the outer liner following a similar process to the step above. During the course the product is heated to ensure that the bonds are strong, gelling the glue and removing moisture.