Operating rules for ink printing machines

Operating rules for ink printing machines


Machine inspection work, production preparation work, operation specification during production, operation specification after production

1. Perform the following routine inspection on the machine;

(1) Check whether there are other items in the unit and the workbench.

(2) Check whether the oil level is normal.

(3) wipe and check whether the printing plate is damaged.

(4) Running the machine inspection has no abnormal sound.

(5) Each lubrication point must be added once.

2. Understand the running status of the equipment and check the abnormal sound of the running machine.

Two, production preparation

1. Check handover records

2. After receiving the production designated sheet, first check whether the designated sheet is correct and understand the process requirements, production quantity and matters needing attention of the products to be produced. The live parts of double shift printing should be marked on the printing surface so as to trace the quality problems.

3. Prepare raw and auxiliary materials according to the specified order.

4. Read the product specification list carefully to know whether the product has special requirements, such as:

(1) Whether online glazing is required;

(2) whether die cutting and die cutting requirements;

(3) there are no requirements for printing color sequence;

(4) Verify whether to print or touch the line first;

2. Check the production situation of cardboard to see whether it is necessary to print in batches to avoid the occurrence of defective products; (It is strictly forbidden to sit on the board or press by hand, so as not to be affected by local depression and printing)

3, in advance according to the printing color needs to set the amount of ink and ink viscosity;

4. Correct adjustment of machine pressure, printing speed, slot position and reasonable arrangement of color sequence.

Iii. Operation specifications in production

1, boot paper feeding, production of one or two pieces of cardboard, qualified inspection, start mass production.

2. Check the following aspects of the packing box with reference to the approved draft or approved sample:

(1) Graphic position;

(2) glazing position;

(3) box size;

(4) Whether the text is complete

3. The following methods are adopted to check the text and text:

(1) Out-of-draft check (out-of-signature draft) read line by line; Avoid mistakes in the signature draft itself;

(2) Check according to signed draft or sample;

4, in the production process, check at any time to see whether there is no deviation, whether there is color difference, whether the picture and text is clear and short, whether there is no burr edge for slotting molding, tearing, whether there is no folding seam for lid molding, whether the pressure line is correct, whether the pressure is appropriate. Handle quality problems in time, and mark the defects to facilitate the detection of subsequent processes.

5. Board loading staff shall strictly check and control the quality of board during the process of board loading. If blistering, bending, exposing, tearing and other bad boards are found, they shall be checked out for other use.

6, find the following problems should be immediately shut down processing:

(1) there is a large color difference and no ink phenomenon;

(2) text defects or printing plate problems;

(3) the printing surface is dirty;

(4) machine failure;

7, during production, observe whether there is any problem with the machine at any time, and timely warranty.

8. If the material problem cannot be solved on the spot, the production shall be stopped, and the quality inspector shall be reported to the relevant department for solution, so as to prepare for subsequent production.

Iv. Operation specifications after production

1. Place printed qualified products separately from those to be inspected, and mark clearly.

2. The captain shall arrange personnel to clean and maintain the machine according to the Machine Maintenance System.

3, cut off the power supply, air flow.

What are the skills of using ink printing press

1, the use of resin version to get high-quality printed matter, must have excellent design draft and high-quality film. Good design manuscript is the foundation of high quality print to ensure good reproducibility. If photographic plate making is used, all lines and text in the ink manuscript should be consistent, otherwise it will lead to unnecessary photographic correction and manual modification, in order to produce a satisfactory film.

2, as far as possible to avoid dot and large area color block pattern printing on the same block, if large area color block pattern and fine line pattern separate separate plate printing, pressure adjustment and color control is much simpler.

3. If you overprint another color inside one color, and there is no gap between the colors, the precision of the printing machine should be considered in the design, so that the layout of the two colors is printed superimposed, and the width of the superimposed part is the printing deviation of the printing machine.

4, film film transmittance area density is less than 0.05, so as to ensure that film film meets the requirements of plate making, there will be a strong fine pattern and clear Yin word.

5, through the back exposure can be established version of the base in order to get the required relief and strengthen the adhesion of polyester supporting film and photosensitive resin layer. Correct back exposure from the direction of the polyester support film protects the fine pattern of the plate during the washing process and prevents the relief from collapsing.

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