Corrugated board production line operation rules

Corrugated board production line operation rules


Before starting, carefully check whether the circuit, gas pipe and air valve leak, and oil each lubrication part. ; Install the web correctly on the shaftless support according to the paper specification specified in the production notice

(1) operation essentials :(1) before starting, carefully check whether the circuit, gas pipe and air valve leak, and oil each lubrication part. ; (2) Install the web paper correctly on the shaftless support according to the paper specifications specified in the production notice; (3) Through the steam to start the main motor operation, until the steam pressure rises to 8kPa (tile roll temperature of more than 160℃) paper feeding; (4) Release the rubber valve, slowly and uniformly rotate the main motor speed control button, and press the pressure key to make a single-sided corrugated board into the bridge; (5) After production, reset the gluing roller, close the heat source and air valve, and adjust the main motor to low speed; (6) clean the rubber roller, remove the paper scraps and carbonized rubber slag on each roller; (7) when the tile roller temperature drops to not hot, stop for a long time, the roller surface should be coated with anti-rust oil; (8) often check whether the valve and joint work normally, whether the instrument is sensitive, whether the indication is correct; (9) Keep equipment and site clean and fill in equipment operation records.
(two) operators operating criteria: (1) to fully understand the working principle of the single machine and the whole tile line of the working principle, and skilled operation of the single machine, and to strictly comply with the above operation essentials; (2) Steam pressure and equipment operation should be checked at any time during production, and abnormalities should be dealt with in time to avoid failures and reduce unnecessary losses;

(3) The irregular fit of corrugated base paper and lining paper shall not exceed 3m at most; (4) For broken paper caused by non-paper, each reel shall not be repeated more than twice; (5) there shall be no glue opening and bonding caused by non-glue, and the phenomenon of lack of material exposure caused by non-paper; (6) The adhesive shall not be released and lost; (7) In production, the speed of single-sided machine must be adjusted according to the speed of double-sided locomotive, and too much single-sided paper board is not allowed to accumulate on the overpass; Not equipment failure, paper reasons, can not affect the speed of double-sided locomotive.

(three) technical requirements: do not inverted lu high and low corrugated degumming, adhesive requirements of two layers of paper to pull the adhesive place hair; The amount of glue requires that there is no wet glue on both sides of the corrugated vertex. Paper edge alignment requirements are 5mm between; Corrugated paper, lining paper can not be broken phenomenon; Equipment maintenance should be in place, can not be damaged by maintenance is not in place; Machine surface and surrounding environment should be kept clean; Fast connection according to the requirements of paper joints, no broken phenomenon; Unqualified products can not flow into the next process, and the range of requirements is within 2m.

When stopping off work, clean up and clean the machine equipment, especially the joints of the glue process, and clean the workshop.