Packaging and printing-some small knowledge of carton packaging

Packaging and printing-some small knowledge of carton packaging


The difference between cardboard cartons

The same material and box type, price and process are also different.
1. Corrugated box/

This kind of carton has fewer processes and is generally used for express delivery or transportation. This kind of carton can be divided into three layers, five layers, and seven layers. Some simple patterns and text can be printed on the carton.

2. Color corrugated box

This kind of cartons has relatively more processes than .. cartons, and these cartons have relatively more box types. They are mainly used for product packaging, gift boxes, and specialty boxes. The boxes can be printed with exquisite patterns and text.

3. Hardcover gift box

This kind of box is currently a hardcover gift box with a lot of circulation in the market, and there are also many kinds of box types. The process is more troublesome than the above. In the production process, the requirements for handwork are very high, and it is generally used in tea. Box, moon cake box, .. wine box.