NC Cutter Computerized Machine helical knives
NC Cutter Computerized Machine helical knives
NC Cutter Computerized Machine helical knives
NC Cutter Computerized Machine helical knives

Item specifics

Effective width
Working speed
150 m / min
Cutting length



NC Cutter Computerized Machine helical knives 
Structural features
It can store 200 units orders,replace the cutter specifications quickly and accurately,changing orders without stop,And enables networked computers to facilitate production management.
Knife shaft drive gears are precision forged steel induction hardening, backlash-free transmission, advanced keyless connection, high transmission accuracy。
Cutting machine adopts inlaid front steel blade knife spiral structure, serrated knife. scissors, shears, shear force, long blade life。
Around feed rollers are used  the sun gear platen way, smooth delivery, pressure evenly, easy to crush plate board or cause blockage。
This type of brake is energy storage type (non-energy brake), so in the process of production, the average power consumption is 1 / 3 of that of the ordinary NC cutting machine, saving more than 70% of electricity and achieving the goal of saving money.
Exact and adjustable no gap gear to ensure precise blade engagement, running balance.
Independent oil pump and filter are used to distribute two sets of copper pipes in each gear position to feed oil, lubricate and cool.
Knife roller: fine quality forged steel material, the balanced, with good stability.
Technical parameter
Effective width:1800mm                               
Operation direction:left or right(determined in accordance with customer plant)
Design speed: 150 m / min                                   
Mechanical configuration: computer helical cutter crosscutting  
Minimum cutting length:500mm                               
Maximum cutting length:9999mm           
Cutter accuracy: Uniform for ± 1mm,  non-uniform to ± 2mm
Equipment size: Lmx4.2 Wmx1.2 Hmx1.4            
Single machine weight: maximum 3500kg      
Roller diameter parameter
Cross on the knife shaft center distance:¢216mm    
Before the lower conveying roller diameter  ¢156mm  
After the lower conveying roller diameter:¢156mm            
Roll diameter: 160mm。                                 
Output solar wheel diameter: 160mm           
Note: all roller shafts after grinding, the surface of hard chromium plating (except upper, lower tool shaft).
Powered motor parameters
main drive motor power:22Kw   Full AC synchronous servo
Before feeding motor power:3Kw(Frequency Control)
DMT-120 paper sheet delivery and side conveyor