RG-1-600 top(core)paper preheater
RG-1-600 top(core)paper preheater

Item specifics

Effective width
Diameter of the preheat roller
Diameter of the angle
Steam temperature
150-200 ℃
Steam pressure
Motor power
250W short(S2)work system

Product review


RG-1-600 topcorepaper preheater

The preheating roller is designed with butterfly head, which conforms to the first class national standard of pressure vessel and has the certificate of pressure vessel.

The roll surface after precision grinding, fine grinding and hard chromium plating processingsurface friction is small and durable

Electric adjustment wrap angle , wrap angle can be rotated within 360 °to adjust the paper heat area

The double-stage reducer is used to adjust the angle of the package and has the function of self-locking.