HRB-F automatic 5 laminar flow channel laminar flow machine Fully automatic flute laminating machine
HRB-F automatic 5 laminar flow channel laminar flow machine Fully automatic flute laminating machine
HRB-F automatic 5 laminar flow channel laminar flow machine Fully automatic flute laminating machine
HRB-F automatic 5 laminar flow channel laminar flow machine Fully automatic flute laminating machine
HRB-F automatic 5 laminar flow channel laminar flow machine Fully automatic flute laminating machine

Item specifics

Maximum paper size
Minimum paper size
Tissue gram
A/B/C/E/F/G 2ply flute
Laminating precision
The highest speed
Height of surface paper table
Paper table bearing
Height of base paper table
The total power
Overall dimensions
Machine weight



Fully automatic flute laminating machine
Automatic multi-layer groove laminating machine is composed of automatic surface paper lifting section, surface paper conveying section, double bottom paper synchronous or asynchronous conveying section, double bottom paper positioning section, circular gluing section, pressing section, conveying section and automatic collection. Part. Suitable for laminating printing paper to corrugated board or cardboard with thickness greater than 350gsm, with high precision and high speed characteristics. It is the ideal compound machine for all kinds of packaging companies at home and abroad

1. Face paper conveying part adopts advanced four suction, four transport, with the help of high pressure vacuum pump, can effectively transport face paper 180-600GSM. Placing the handwheel on the loading part of the stack makes the loading action more accurate and also facilitates the loading of the base paper. A limit switch fixed to the loading part of the face paper makes upward movement more accurate.
2. Conveyor belt, press roller and automatic cutting are conducive to surface paper delivery. Press roller adopts special roller for printing machine, which can effectively transport thick paper and thin paper. Anti-crimp structure helps to transport the face paper simultaneously.

3. The bottom feeding part adopts high strength and high friction vacuum suction belt, which can realize continuous feeding. The rotary paper holder equipped in this section can feed long paper.

4. The knurling roller at the bottom of the feeding part ensures stable operation of the machine at high speed.

5. The bottom feeding part adopts chase type and high-speed axial fan differential positioning system. You can adjust the front and rear positions without stopping the machine. Synchronous groove design can control the bottom feed in a small range; When the machine is running at high speed, chase can ensure good floor feed.

6. Glue system has a liquid sensor, the corresponding supply of glue, can be recycled, glue cost greatly reduced.

7. The glue system of this machine is a combination of aniline roller and rubber rubber roller. The rubber rubber roller adopts core structure design and adopts differential glue method to make the glue uniform and improve the glue quality. One square meter average use of 25-35 grams of glue, reduce costs, improve the quality of laminated cardboard.

8. The base paper and the face paper adopt the front elastic alignment, no need to readjust the size of the paper. The intelligent control system can adjust the position of the paper automatically when the machine is running. Digital meters on the front components allow front adjustment range up to 0.1mm.
9. Photodetectors help accurately transfer top or bottom paper.

10. Channel steel positioning wheel has long service life and is easy to clean.

11. The laminating unit is equipped with double prepressing rollers.

12. Apply an automatic damping system to the bottom feed system to prevent bending of the laminate.

13. The machine is equipped with two differential pressure conveyors to prevent bubbles and glue failure.

14 floating pressure conveyor can adjust the pressure according to the thickness of cardboard. Pressed cardboard is strong and robust.

15. Automatic collection device can effectively reduce labor intensity.

16. All electrical components are imported; PLC and HMI control system is safe and reliable. According to the ergonomic design, the machine is equipped with many control knobs, so that you can control the machine in different positions; The speed of the machine is controlled by the frequency converter, so that the machine runs stably.

17. The machine adopts imported synchronous belt and gear drive, with high efficiency, low noise and stable operation. Low production cost and easy maintenance.
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